Asia Metaverse Expo

Hong Kong
12th  – 14th March 2025

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Increase your company’s visibility and generate interest among active VC, BD, pharma executives, research analysts, policymakers, and media.

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Showcase your company in a pre-recorded company pitch that can be watched on-demand 24 hours a day by all conference attendees across the world.

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Opportunities to attract more interest and meeting requests in One-on-One Partnering before, during, and after the event.

Why are pitch sessions crucial for your company?

Pitch your company’s story, pipelines, and objectives to a global audience of business development executives, investors, research analysts, policymakers, and media, and get more activity in One 2 One Partnering. New this year: presentations will be available before, during, and after BIO Digital, maximizing your company’s exposure over a greater period of time!

The integration of medical services and health management

Hong Kong’s overall medical level is relatively high. With its technical level and advanced medical management, it can further play its role as a reference and leading example to the mainland’s system. Stimulated by market demand, the opening of Hong Kong medical institutions in the Greater Bay Area will increase significantly. the other party On the other hand, it also provides more space for Hong Kong’s high-end medical resources to enter the mainland. Hong Kong medical institutions can also cooperate with overseas medical institutions to seek cooperation with overseas medical resources to jointly develop the Greater Bay Area market. Hong Kong’s senior care service management experience can be transformed into a variety of profit or non-profit operation models through professional service institutions, and can provide customized models for the government or enterprises according to the regional characteristics and needs of different places in the Greater Bay Area. The internal development of different regions in the Greater Bay Area is uneven, the demand market is diverse (for example, there are high-end and low-end markets), and labor supply is also uneven. Through the quantitative analysis of some data, it can also provide suggestions for the planning of elderly care institutions, and lead the standardized, professional and sustainable development of the elderly care service industry in other cities in the Bay Area. Medical project investment, medical technology investment and development, as well as private hospitals, private chain clinics, general practice Service institutions, pension facilities, and projects combining medical care and elderly care are also in urgent need of support and development in the Bay Area. Hong Kong’s private hospital management and service model has good opportunities in the Bay Area, and medical insurance and health insurance will usher in new development opportunities. The economic development of the Bay Area and the introduction and gathering of talents will bring great opportunities to the modern medical insurance market.